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“Creating a digital footprint is critical but complicated.” #SFSBW Interview with YP

#SFSBW2015 asked our sponsors to share insights, best practices, and examples of how they help small business owners flourish. Today we hear from Matt Crowley, Senior Vice President, Sales, YP.

What is your company’s mission?

YP is a leading local marketing solutions provider, dedicated to helping local businesses and communities grow. With more than 70 million users across YP properties, we help connect local businesses with consumers wherever they are, on whatever device or medium they use. Our marketing solutions are backed by more than 4,000 local media consultants and customer service professionals in local cities across the U.S.

Today’s hyper-competitive marketplace is presenting new challenges and opportunities to many businesses. Has your company changed its approach to doing business to address the changing market?

matt crowley YP

Consumers are more connected than ever before, and they have more choices to
find businesses that meet their needs. Whether starting a small business or looking to expand an existing one, it is really challenging to be where consumers are looking and to provide the kind of information they are seeking.

We help local businesses reach customers across mobile, online and print. We used to be Yellow Pages, connecting local businesses with consumers through print books. Now, as YP, we offer local businesses a full suite of digital marketing solutions that span all the devices and media we use today. On top of all that, we’ve added our own unique layer of ad campaign performance management to ensure ad campaigns for local businesses are being personally monitored and optimized along the way.

What is your company doing to help small businesses compete in today’s market?

For small businesses, creating a digital footprint is critical but also complicated. There are many steps in the process, which can take time, and many entrepreneurs don’t have the marketing expertise to know what is right for their business. We partner with small businesses to develop tailored marketing programs that meet specific needs and budget. Our clients tell us that one of the things they value most about YP is the personal touch and expertise we provide through our local sales experts who help educate and guide their decisions and provide ongoing support as they manage and grow their marketing program – and their businesses.

What are the trends you see when you think about the small business marketplace, and how will these trends shape the future of small business?

With PCs, mobile devices and wearables, technology has enabled so many options for small business marketing that it becomes overwhelming to know where to start. The key is to create a user experience that keeps your business relevant and engages customers in any environment. Gallup’s State of the American Consumer Report shows fully engaged customers are more loyal and profitable than average customers. By providing quality content delivered in an experience that is optimized for the device – mobile, tablet or online, – businesses can boost their credibility with consumers and drive business.

Can you share one brief story about how your company is helping San Francisco businesses thrive?

Crane Pest Control on Geary Blvd in San Francisco is a third generation family business that has been around since 1930 – and I’m proud to say has been a customer of YP for most of that time! Crane believes that pest control if a form of public health, and the current president used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. As Crane Pest Control’s business has evolved, and as the local marketing landscape has evolved, so has their advertising program. Most recently, Crane added search engine marketing to their marketing mix, making their decision based on the impressive ROI. You can learn more clicking here: Crane Pest Control.

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