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SF Small Business Week. Celebrate Small Business.

“I call the shots.” #SFSBW2015 Interview with Heklina.

#SFSBW2015 asked small business owners and the organizations that support them throughout the year to share insights, best practices, stories and resources to help small business owners flourish.

Today we hear from Heklina, Owner of Oasis.

Tell us about your business in one sentence.


San Francisco is changing, and the small business customer base is changing. What changes are you seeing in your customer base? Heklina

Having just started my business this year, it’s hard to tell about any changes, but I can say that the people coming to my club are a cross-section of old and new San Francisco, young and old, straight and gay.

What specific business strategies have you implemented to build loyalty and enhance your ability to serve the newer generation of customers?

My business strategy is to provide a quality nightlife environment for any people attending. I know this is a pat answer, but it’s my true ethos. Good drinks, friendly staff, quality sound and lights, etc.

What marketing tactics and strategies have been most successful for your business in this new environment?

I’ve found that print advertising is becoming a thing of the past, and I focus a lot of my energy on online marketing (Facebook ads, social media).

What is the one lesson you would like to share with other small business owners—especially those who are struggling to change the way they do business in the current climate?

To appeal to everyone of course! Also, since my primary customer is gay, to find ways to get people out into clubs to cruise, and off of their cellphones.

What is it about running a small business brings you joy and satisfaction?            

The biggest thing of course is to know I call the shots. Also I make up my own hours, and don’t have to work a 9 to 5 job.

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