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SF Small Business Week. Celebrate Small Business.

Make The Most Out Of #SFSBW2016

Sometimes the best things in life are the unexpected. There are many positive outcomes from participating in San Francisco Small Business Week, but the best are the unplanned moments of inspiration. It may just be the spark that you needed to challenge yourself, try something new, or reaffirm that you are on your path to success.

Come and get inspired next week! We pulled some quotes from just a few of the organizations who will be with us next week. Come meet these resources at San Francisco Small Business Week! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get connected with the city organizations and small business resources that are dedicated to your success.

US Small Business Administration (Read Interview)

“My best advice is to get advice. Take advantage of the broad network of resource partners in the Bay Area. Most of it is free, some of it is low cost. Between the SBA and our various partners, there are over 1,000 classes offered every year. We are lucky to be in San Francisco where the network is so robust.”

MEDA (Read Interview)

“Any budding entrepreneur can make their dream a reality with some direction and plenty of diligence.”

Bank of America (Read Interview)

“It’s important to ask the right questions to jump start the process. The best place for small business owners to get started is with people who can offer good advice. Small business owners need a business banker who’s on their side, providing them guidance on how to manage their cash and credit needs and increase the efficiency of their business.”

Main Street Launch (Read Interview)

“Many small business owners try to “go it alone” or start or grow their business without help. Having a group of trusted advisors who care about your business’ success can be critically important to your business’ survival. Do not be afraid to ask for and accept help and support.”

Urban Solutions (Read Interview)

“We recommend taking a breath, being kind to yourself, acting cooperatively and in partnership when you can, maintaining relationships with people and organizations that can support your work and can support you.”

Comcast Business (Visit the SFSBW Blog next week to read the full interview)

“Technology can have a big impact on both your customers’ and your employees’ experience. Take the time to build a solid technology plan that can help you grow and become a company where customers want to do business with you and employees love to come to work.”

Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center (Read Interview)

“Get training to develop your technical skills and build your confidence, write a business plan, create a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and establish opportunities to receive ongoing support.”

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce (Read Interview)

“Get involved! It is so important to stay informed, active and present in your neighborhood and the greater San Francisco community.”

Wells Fargo (Visit the SFSBW Blog next week to read the full interview)

“Take the time to understand your competition and what makes your business unique in your neighborhood or industry.”

Pacific Community Ventures (Read Interview)

“We can’t over-emphasize the value of mentorship all while wearing the hats of CEO, marketing, product development, supply chain, and sales. The actual day-to-day needs of growing your business, and making that growth sustainable, are beyond the skills of any one person. This is where having an advisor or mentor is crucial. It means having the outside perspective of someone who’s navigated the waters that you’ve yet to dip a toe in.”

Office of Small Business (Read Interview)

“Be flexible. Be adaptable. Don’t fight change, embrace it. Review your business plan often, and if you don’t have one create one. Get help. There are a number of free and low cost city funded business resources to help businesses with the many aspects of running a business. For start-up businesses, we advise you to do your homework.”

San Francisco Green Business Program (Read Interview)

“Reducing utilities, increasing employee wellness, creating a marketing edge, and receiving recognition while being part of a large community of environmental leaders is the trend of the future because being a green business and addressing the triple bottom line is advantageous.”

SF Made (Read Interview)

“The Instagram Takeover: For a week we allowed a different SFMade member to take over a day on our Instagram, showing in three of more posts, an inside look at their factory and how they make an SFMade product. The campaign brought in hundreds of followers for SFMade and each participant.”

YP (Read Interview)

“Attracting new customers and retaining current customers are challenges every business faces. Technology provides powerful tools for both of these efforts, but time is often an issue.  For many small business owners, the key to growing is being able to capture what makes the live experience of visiting their business or working with their employees come to life online. Today, many businesses approach marketing as a series of disconnected activities: get a website, advertise, start a search campaign, do some direct mail.  However, they don’t realize that these activities often work together to produce results greater than any individual effort.