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“One lesson: narrow your target market” Interview with Robert Friedman, Owner, Fearless Branding

#SFSBW2015 asked small business owners and the organizations that support them throughout the year to share insights, best practices, stories and resources to help small business owners flourish. Today we hear from Robert Friedman, Owner, Fearless Branding.

Tell us about your business in one sentence.

Driving sales for B2B service firms through brand strategy, market research and websites.

San Francisco is changing, and the small business customer base is changing. What changes are you seeing in your customer base? 

Doing an excellent job in your field, and “getting out there” are no longer enough to succeed.  Buyers of B2B services have many choices for every purchase decision.  It’s incumbent on every professional to define their company’s value, and their own value, in unique ways – to define a differentiated claim of expertise.

What specific business strategies have you implemented to build loyalty and enhance your ability to serve the newer generation of customers?

Writing thought leadership content (like white papers) on behalf of clients.

What marketing tactics and strategies have been most successful for your business in this new environment?

Spreading the Fearless Branding message through speaking and through my Manifesto, and writing case studies.

What is the one lesson you would like to share with other small business owners—especially those who are struggling to change the way they do business in the current climate?

Most businesses define their target markets too broadly. The one lesson is: Narrow and focus your target market. Robert Friedman

Write down your definition of an ideal client. Show it to clients, colleagues or other trusted advisors. Ask them: “could this target market definition work for my competitors?” If you’re defining your target market generically, you have a great opportunity to narrow it – and become a true specialist: the best solution for YOUR ideal clients.

Can you develop a definition of an ideal client that is unique to your business?

What is it about running a small business brings you joy and satisfaction?            

I love helping business owners create a more fearless vision for their business and their brands. So often my clients offer unique value – but it’s hidden. I help them to discover and articulate it.

Building a Fearless Brand helps them to be more successful in their sales efforts. Just as importantly, it helps them to add meaning to the lives of their clients.

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