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“Renaissance’s Business Planning class is frequently called the mini-MBA” #SFSBW2016 Interview: Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

#SFSBW2016 asked our business resources to share insights, best practices, and examples of how they help small business owners flourish. Today we hear from Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center.

What is your organizations mission?Renaissance at Annual Bay Area Black Expo
Renaissance provides the intensive training, access to resources, networks and ongoing support all entrepreneurs need to succeed.

What are your organizations recent accomplishments that demonstrate how you have helped the small business community?
In 2015 alone Renaissance has helped over 650 entrepreneurs to start and grow their own thriving businesses.

What tools and resources has your organization created to help small businesses tap into new opportunities to reach new customers, increase their revenue, and grow their business?
Renaissance provides intensive 4 – 12 week training classes and workshops, business incubation, individual consulting, networking, access to business capital and special programs for women. In addition we provide industry specific training in the fashion and construction sectors.

San Francisco has been experiencing quite the transformation. What is your organization doing to attract and support new and younger small business owners? What resources do you offer to entrepreneurs and small businesses to get started?
Renaissance provides introductory workshops and training classes in South of Market and Bayview Hunters Point.

San Francisco is known for its diverse culture. How does your organization ensure that the small businesses that make this city unique are able to stay in San Francisco?
60 % of Renaissance’s clients are people of color. Services are offered in both Spanish and English.

What words of advice or wisdom would you like to share with small business owners?
Get training to develop your technical skills and build your confidence, write a business plan, create a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and establish opportunities to receive ongoing support.

Fun fact about Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center.
Renaissance’s Business Planning class is frequently called the mini-MBA due to the level of information delivered and the networks students form.

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