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SF Small Business Week. Celebrate Small Business.

Small Business Wisdom Nuggets

For the past months we have been conducting interviews with San Francisco small business owners and experts to glean some of their wisdom and insight to share with you. The San Francisco Small Business Week Committee is pleased to share wisdom from these experts who help the small businesses that shape our communities to succeed. Here are a few of our favorite #sfbizwisdom nuggets from Pinkie’s Bakery, Intuit, Semifreddi’s, The Wright Consultants and more. You can read all of the full interviews on our San Francisco Small Business Week Blog.

Provide Fanatical Customer Service – Respond quickly to clients. If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will. Strive to give clients more than they expect. Your clients will notice because plenty of companies don’t go the extra mile. Happy clients are your evangelists and make the best marketing advocates for future business.

– Bibby Gignilliant, CEO, Parties that Cook

You can’t have all the business, and you don’t want all the business.

– Tom Frainer, Semifreddi’s

Don’t go into business with your friends or family. If you need to have partners, have silent non-managing partners so you can have your vision without having anyone in your way.

– Cheryl Burr, Owner/Pastry Chef, Pinkie’s Bakery

Embrace failure. Have the courage to take risks and grow by learning from your successes and failures. Winston Churchill noted that “success is the ability to move from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Let’s face it, our greatest lessons often come from those things that did not work. Don’t hide the experience- embrace it!


Be sure to have a very good bookkeeper and or accountant! I see so many entrepreneurs who still want to maintain their own books but the cost to have an expert take care of this time consuming task, is well worth the price and will save you from small, yet costly mistakes.

– Gwendolyn Wright, The Wright Consultants

Patiently work hard, be honest, make good product, and trust that success will follow.

– Christian Noto, Owner, Jersey Tomatoes and Split Pea Seduction

Be as prepared as possible and plan several months or a year out. Try to imagine the best and worst case scenarios, and plan accordingly.

– Elizabeth Ferber; Community & Government Relations Manager, Kaiser Permanente

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